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GHB project

Sun, sea and holiday screams: a chilled crispy rosé for you and your loved one. GHB project is exactly what you are looking for. It is sunkissed, due to its heritage. Our rosado winery Estates are located in the agricultural heart of the island, Montuiri. The vineyards are owned by three families. Garau family and Buades are both Mallorcan wine making families and the overseas Heinemann family. Together they make the GBH label: a premium wine label that guarantees a suburb line of wonderful summer wines. The wine is processed by Carlos Feliu, the leading Demeter certified organic wine producer on the island.

The rosado is produced as limited edition since the vineyard is still young of age. The grapes that grow on the soil are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The blend of these three makes for an unique, light and refreshing rosado contrary to the dark and heavy rosés, that the sunny island of Mallorca is commonly known for.  In 2017 the GHB label also produced white wine.

The supply chain is transparent and owned by the farmers. The vineyard is taking care of by locals and surrounded by a lovely garden. Never ever will there be a chemical used in the wine making process. The maintenance is done from the heart and that’s exactly what you taste in the glass.

Now you can experience the island of Mallorca by simply sipping on our rosado anywhere, anytime!

GHB project – Rose
Rosado as you like it when the sun’s out.
Suits a lunch, an afternoon evergreen and the perfect guest for your dinner


GHB project – White
Who says ‘Nay’ to Chardonnay?
Taste the heart of the heritage of Mallorca and the love for wine-making