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HH Kapital Group

HH Kapital is a wholly owned subsidiary of the HH Kapital Group. It is a private investment and holding group that is focused on investment in undervalued debt and equity instruments within the global Aviation Industry as well as prime Residential Real Estate. All investments are exclusively funded with equity provided by the HH Kapital BV investment partners. No leverage is used under any circumstance to allow for maximum independence from the banking sector. This allows HH Kapital BV to act deeply counter-cyclical and to hold investments during periods of extreme trading volatility. Holding terms for investments can be anywhere from short term trading to multiyear holding patterns. HH Kapital is seeking average annual returns between 5 and 10 percent with minimum risk of ultimate capital loss.


HHK Partners Calle Conquistador SL is based in Palma de Mallorca and engages in the acquisition, renovation, rental and sale of residential and office property in Europe. It also provides investment advice on Aviation related investment strategies to institutional investors, as well as NED functions of its partners.

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